Printmaking exhibition at Culpeper Community Garden!

Walking, working in the garden, we see how the leaves change, new shoots develop, flowers blossom. This is an exhibition of collaborative screenprints made through walks, conversations, drawing and reflecting on the plants around us.

A selection of the prints were commissioned by the Open Society Foundation and made in partnership with Room to Heal - they explore the role of plants and gardens in enabling survivors of torture and organised violence to rebuild their lives in the UK. You can read more about the project here

Several of the prints are inspired by Culpeper and you can buy freshly printed designer Culpeper bags that we've been printing with our lovely volunteers!

The exhibition is open 12 - 6pm Saturday 21st October and 10 - 6pm Sunday 22nd October 2017.

12pm on Sunday is Culpeper's AGM so you can also discover more about how the garden is run and share ideas!

The prints are part of Martha and Catherine Orbach's landscape based printmaking collaboration - you can see more here